SiFive Freedom E310 processor

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Chips4Makers Retro-uC

Retro-uC Brings Open Silicon to Vintage Computing IP

Chips4Makers has officially launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce the Retro-uC, an open-silicon microcontroller capable of acting as a Zilog Z80, MOS Technologies 6502, or Motorola M68K microprocessor. “I am delighted to announce that the Retro-uC crowdsupply campaign has now been launched. It has taken a little longer to straighten… Read More
Planet Labs' OpenLST

Planet Labs Launches OpenLST Satellite Radio Platform

Satellite imaging specialist Planet Labs has announced the launch of OpenLST, an open hardware satellite radio platform for communication with remote vehicles, instruments, and stations using low-cost commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components. “Radio system design is often viewed as a ‘black box’ that is out of reach to all but the most… Read More
ORConf Logo

Initial ORConf 2018 Programme Published

An initial programme for ORConf 2018, the open-source digital design conference to be held in Gdansk, Poland this September, has been published – and there are some big names showing off the state of the art on the schedule. While there are more speakers yet to be announced, the initial… Read More
OpenPiton Pens

OpenPiton Research Processor Reaches Release 7

The team behind the OpenPiton Open Source Research Processor project has announced Release 7, bringing with it a range of improvements designed to make it easier to implement. Built on top of the open-source OpenSPARC processor, created in 2006 when Sun Microsystems released RTL code for its UltraSPARC T1 processor,… Read More