Who are AB Open?

AB Open is an open source and technical communities consultancy that specialises in embedded and wireless systems.

Our clients include semiconductor companies, component distributors, equipment vendors and service providers.

We provide a range of services, that includes:

  • Open source consulting
  • Community management
  • Special projects

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KiCad 3D Viewer

Open-Source KiCad EDA Hits Version 5.0.0

Popular open-source electronic design automation (EDA) package KiCad has hit its milestone 5.0.0 release, described by the team as “a new generation” of the software. “Almost a year after the release of KiCad 4.0.7, the KiCad development team is proud to present a new and improved KiCad 5.0 release,” the… Read More
Arm DesignStart Promo Image

Rattled Arm Launches Anti-RISC-V Marketing Campaign

The growing impetus behind the free and open source silicon (FOSSi) RISC-V project appears to have industry incumbents rattled, with Arm launching an aggressive marketing campaign which attempts to sow the seeds of doubt in engineers’ minds about the ISA’s benefits versus Arm’s own proprietary intellectual property (IP). Following the… Read More
OnChip Itsy-Chipsy Prototypes

OnChip Teases Itsy-Chipsy Call for Participation

Open silicon specialist OnChip has promised to launch a call for participation in its Itsy-Chipsy low-cost semiconductor manufacturing facility, and is already receiving interesting suggestions from potential users. Announced back in April, Itsy-Chipsy aims to allow smaller companies and hobbyists to produce application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for as little… Read More
SparkFun Pro RF LoRa Development Board

SparkFun Publishes Introductory LoRaWAN Tutorial

Those interested in experimenting with the LoRaWAN long-range low-power standard now have a new resource, in the form of an introductory tutorial by Nick Poole published on SparkFun. Based around SparkFun’s own SparkX Pro RF USB-connected development board, Nick’s detailed tutorial introduces the LoRa and LoRaWAN standards, The Things Network… Read More
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