Who are AB Open?

AB Open is an open source and technical communities consultancy that specialises in embedded and wireless systems.

Our clients include semiconductor companies, component distributors, equipment vendors and service providers.

We provide a range of services, that includes:

  • Open source consulting
  • Community management
  • Special projects

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SeL4 Microkernel v9.0.1 Ported to RISC-V

The open-source seL4 microkernel, the first general-purpose kernel to have been proven to-spec using formal verification methods, has been ported to the open RISC-V instruction set architecture – though its creators warn it’s in a very early, limited form. Originally developed by Australia’s National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Research… Read More
Arm NN Diagram

Arm NN White Paper Points to Embedded AI Future

Arm’s Robert Elliot and Mark O’Conner have published a white paper on the company’s Arm NN machine learning platform and its optimisations for use on low-power embedded devices. “We expect machine learning to become a natural part of programming environments, with tiny embedded neural networks being part of program execution,”… Read More
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