Who are AB Open?

AB Open is an open source and technical communities consultancy that specialises in embedded and wireless systems.

Our clients include semiconductor companies, component distributors, equipment vendors and service providers.

We provide a range of services, that includes:

  • Open source consulting
  • Community management
  • Special projects

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Digi-Key KiCad Parts Library

Digi-Key Releases Open KiCad Parts Library

Parts supplier Digi-Key has announced its support for the open-source KiCad printed circuit board (PCB) and schematic design tool with the release of 1,000 common parts in a permissively-licensed library. “With more restrictive licensing or licenses that don’t align with some of our customers’ needs, some users are looking to… Read More
Outernet LoRa Radio

Outernet Claims 71,572km LoRa World Record

Outernet, a project to provide multimedia data bursts via satellite to otherwise disconnected populations, has announced what it believes to be a world record for LoRa communication distances: a 71,572 kilometres round-trip. Designed to provide multimedia content delivery where no traditional infrastructure is available – from less-developed countries through… Read More
PULP Ariane Block Diagram

PULP Releases 64-bit Linux-Compatible Ariane RISC-V Core IP

The Parallel Ultra Low Power (PULP) Platform project has announced the release of Ariane, a Linux-compatible 64-bit application-class RISC-V core design, published under the permissive Solderpad Hardware Licence. A joint effort between ETH Zurich and the University of Bologna, Ariane marks the pair’s first high-performance application-class RISC-V core intellectual property… Read More
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