Who are AB Open?

AB Open is an open source and technical communities consultancy that specialises in embedded and wireless systems.

Our clients include semiconductor companies, component distributors, equipment vendors and service providers.

We provide a range of services, that includes:

  • Open source consulting
  • Community management
  • Special projects

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OpenPiton+Ariane Block Diagram

PULP, OpenPiton Partner on OpenPiton+Ariane Design

The OpenPiton project has announced a partnership with the PULP Platform to combine the OpenPiton open-source research processor platform with the 64-bit Ariane RISC-V core, creating what is described as “the ideal permissive open-source RISC-V system.” The Parallel Ultra Low Power (PULP) Platform announced Ariane, a 64-bit application-class RISC-V design,… Read More
OpenISA VEGAboard

OpenISA Launches New, Free RISC-V VEGAboard

OpenISA has officially launched the VEGAboard microcontroller development board, based on the PULP Platform’s RI5CY and Zero-RI5CY RISC-V core, and it’s giving them away to encourage adoption of the free instruction set architecture (ISA). Developed in partnership with the Parallel Ultra Low Power (PULP) Platform, Express Logic, Foundries.io, Ashling, IAR… Read More

CRU: RISC-V Growth, Transprecision Funding, Reverse-Engineering, and More

Princeton University’s OpenPiton free and open source silicon (FOSSi) project has announced what is claimed to be the world’s first open-source, general-purpose, heterogeneous-ISA processor: JuxtaPiton. Built by combining the SPARC v9-based OpenPiton with Clifford Wolf’s PicoRV32 RISC-V core, JuxtaPiton is something unique. “JuxtaPiton inherits all of the capabilities of OpenPiton,… Read More
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