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SiFive Freedom E310 processor

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Google Home Mini

Pwn2Own Tokyo Adds IoT Devices to Target List

The Pwn2Own security contest, in which researchers compete to exploit vulnerabilities in popular consumer products in exchange for cash prizes and ownership of the items in question, is to extend to cover Internet of Things (IoT) products for the first time amid growing concerns over the lack of security-focused thinking… Read More
Google Tink Example Code

Google Releases Open-Source Tink Cryptographic Library

Advertising, search, and computing giant Google has announced the release of a new cross-platform open-source cryptographic library aimed at protecting implementers from common cryptographic mistakes: Tink. “In cryptography, subtle mistakes can have serious consequences, and understanding how to implement cryptography correctly requires digesting decades’ worth of academic literature. Needless to… Read More

Disclose.io Aims to Protect Security Researchers

A group of developers, lawyers, and security researchers have joined forces to launch disclose.io, an effort to produce a standardised framework for security disclosures which provide protections for good-faith researchers and the companies whose products they analyse. The field of security research can be a lucrative one: many companies offers… Read More