Author: Andrew Back

Andrew Back has in excess of 20 years industry experience that spans IT infrastructure, telecommunications and electronics, and covering R&D through to architecture, strategy and governance.

ORConf 2018 Announced

The Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation has announced that ORConf 2018 will be held over the weekend of September 21st to 23rd in Gdansk, Poland. Now in its seventh year, ORConf is a free to attend conference for open source digital, semiconductor and embedded systems design engineers. Read More

The Flashing Light Prize Returns

Delightfully bonkers award issues call for ingenious and unusual ways of flashing a bulb, tube or other vessel that contains neon gas. The inaugural Flashing Light Prize sought novel approaches to flashing an incandescent light bulb — and the entries certainly did not disappoint, with the winner… Read More

Rust Comes to RISC-V

RISC-V architecture gets support for language that enables development of highly concurrent and highly safe systems. The Rust language has a syntax that is similar to C/C++ and is targeted at the development of systems that are both highly concurrent and safe, finding use in everything from a microkernel O/S… Read More