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SiFive Freedom E310 processor

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Outernet LoRa Radio

Outernet Claims 71,572km LoRa World Record

Outernet, a project to provide multimedia data bursts via satellite to otherwise disconnected populations, has announced what it believes to be a world record for LoRa communication distances: a 71,572 kilometres round-trip. Designed to provide multimedia content delivery where no traditional infrastructure is available – from less-developed countries through… Read More
Semtech LoRa Nano-Tag

Semtech Unveils LoRa-Based “Disposable Nano-Tag”

Analogue and mixed-signal specialist Semtech has announced a “disposable nano-tag” featuring LoRa wireless communication, aimed at remote communication of specific trigger events in everything from healthcare to asset tracking. “By offering a lower cost, disposable LoRa-enabled tag, we can expand the current landscape of use cases for Semtech’s LoRa devices… Read More