The next video from Wuthering Bytes 2017 to be edited and published to YouTube is of Caroline Gorski’s talk at Festival Day. Caroline is a commercial technologist, strategist and story-teller, who at the time was Head of Internet of Things at the Digital Catapult, and has since gone to become Director of Global Ecosystem at R² Data Labs, Rolls-Royce.

In her talk, entitled, Learning to speak machine – devices, communications, and the talkative ape, Caroline explores how interconnected devices will play an ever-increasingly intimate role in our lives. Asking the questions, “How will we respond to ever-present, ever-listening, ever-communicating technology – and how will the future of communications technology change the way we think about ourselves, our interactions and our ability to be heard?”

An excellent talk, much food for thought and highly recommended viewing!

The Wuthering Bytes festival is not taking place this year and will return 30th August — 8th September 2019. However, Open Source Hardware Camp 2018 is being run as a standalone event over the weekend of 30th June & 1st July in Lincoln.