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SiFive Freedom E310 processor

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LoRaWAN Display

Electronic Design Demystifies LoRaWAN

Electronic Design has put together a guide designed to demystify LoRaWAN, the increasingly widespread open-standard long-range low-power wireless area network technology. Written to address eleven common misconceptions or confusions surrounding the technology, ranging from confusion between the physical LoRa layer and the LoRaWAN protocol which sits on top of… Read More
Semtech Next-Gen LoRa

Semtech Announces Next-Gen LoRa Chips

Analogue and mixed-signal semiconductor specialist Semtech has announced next-generation chips for LoRa radio devices with a claimed 50 percent reduction in power draw, 20 percent boost in range, and 45 percent reduction in component footprint. Designed for devices using the LoRaWAN long-range low-power wide area network protocol, Semtech’s new SX1226,… Read More