Community wireless organisation The Things Network and the Digital Catapult UK technology innovation centre have announced a partnership to launch the nation’s largest free-to-use LoRaWAN wireless network.

“UK innovators can now deploy LoRaWAN solutions more seamlessly across the region and fuel further collaboration to benefit the UK economy,” claims The Things Network initiator Wienke Giezeman of the partnership. “Companies too will also be able to demonstrate their services globally, with The Things Network nodes available across the six continents.”

“LPWAN connectivity will be the driving force behind the uptake of IoT,” adds Digital Catapult’s head of product innovation Peter Karney, “bringing new companies and services to market. This partnership enables us to expand and accelerate UK innovation.”

The partnership will see The Things Network merged with Digital Catapult’s Things Connected network, launched in 2016, to create a combined LoRaWAN network with 400 base stations including the Things Connected networks in London, the North East region, and Northern Ireland and 63 local The Things Network communities.

AB has previously worked with the Digital Catapult on a LoRaWAN programme for Calderdale businesses and entrepreneurs, and currently operates four LoRaWAN gateways connected to the Things Network providing a completely free-to-use data service, as part of the Things Calderdale initiative.