Analogue and mixed-signal semiconductor specialist Semtech has announced next-generation chips for LoRa radio devices with a claimed 50 percent reduction in power draw, 20 percent boost in range, and 45 percent reduction in component footprint.

Designed for devices using the LoRaWAN long-range low-power wide area network protocol, Semtech’s new SX1226, SX1261, and SX1268 parts — +22dBm and +15dBm transmit power respectively, with the SX1268 offering +22dBm in frequencies suitable for the Chinese market — are claimed to be a considerable improvement over their predecessors. Each draws as little as half the power of earlier models while in receive mode, offers 20 percent increased range, and is a mere 4mm² package size. The chips also include a new simplified user interface for easier development, a spread-frequency system for better performance in signal-dense environments, and are fully compatible with existing LoRaWAN networks as well as legacy devices through frequency-shift keying (FSK).

“LPWAN IoT [Low-Power Wide Area Network Internet of Things] applications are going through a massive transformation, shifting from trials to large deployments in smart cities, buildings, healthcare, logistics, and agriculture,” claims Marc Pegulu, manager of Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group, of his company’s latest launch. “LoRa Technology enables an infinite amount of IoT use cases as Semtech pushes for the last mile of connectivity and reinforces its position as the defacto platform for LPWAN.”

All three parts are sampling to selected customers now, Semtech has confirmed, with general availability scheduled for later this quarter alongside full development kits. More information is available on the company’s official website.