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CRU: RISC-V Growth, Job Vacancies, and More

Cambridge-based semiconductor specialist UltraSoC has announced its expansion into Bristol, and it’s giving credit for its recent growth to an explosion of interest in the open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA). “There’s a perfect storm of factors revolutionising the technology business from top to bottom,” says Rupert Baines, UltraSoC’s… Read More
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Community Round-Up: RISC-V Workshop Proceedings, Open Virtual Platforms, Cortus’ Core, Arduino Cinque, MinnowBoard Turbot, PIC32MZ with GPU, ARM Cortex-A75, Cortex-A55, Intel Compute Cards, Doubling PWM Resolution, and Gordon Williams on Open Source Challenges

The RISC-V Foundation has publicly published the proceedings of the 6th RISC-V Workshop, held early last month in Shanghai, China. Video and, where appropriate, slide decks have been made available from the three public days of the four-day event. Highlights include updates from Rick O’Connor and Yunsup… Read More
SiFive RISC-V processor

Community Round-Up: RISC-V Improvements, Caffe2, PCBA Visualisation, Solar Supercapacitors, Arduino Sigfox, Intel Developer Forums, IoT Requirements Guide, and the Vinduino LoRa Project

Researchers at Princeton University have helped boost the robustness of the burgeoning RISC-V architecture, having developed a tool which has picked up on data storage and retrieval ordering problems that could otherwise have derailed attempts to use it in high-reliability applications. “Incorrect memory access orderings can result in software… Read More

Community Round-Up: ARM DynamIQ, GAP8, RISC-V Survey, BeagleBone Blue, Intel tinyTILE, Flow Batteries, Vint Cerf on Security, Employee IP Agreements, and an IoTUK Boost Extension

ARM, now under the ownership of Japanese technology giant Softbank, has announced a new microarchitecture for its next-generation processors, built with many-core and deep-learning projects firmly in mind: DynamIQ. “DynamIQ technology is a monumental shift in multicore microarchitecture for the industry and the foundation for future ARM Cortex-A processors. The… Read More