Analogue and mixed-signal specialist Semtech has announced a “disposable nano-tag” featuring LoRa wireless communication, aimed at remote communication of specific trigger events in everything from healthcare to asset tracking.

“By offering a lower cost, disposable LoRa-enabled tag, we can expand the current landscape of use cases for Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology and allow companies to integrate the technology to drive many more diverse IoT use cases,” claims Semtech’s Marc Pegulu. “We believe the number of use cases should expand rapidly as our connectivity and Cloud partners start to leverage the disruptive nature of the LoRa-enabled tag. We continue to introduce leading edge solutions based on Semtech’s LoRa Technology to fully leverage the differentiated capabilities and advantages of the technology’s long-range, low-power and low-cost connectivity.”

The LoRa-standard device is based around an ultra-thin printed battery capable of powering the sensing and wireless hardware, and is presently being piloted ahead of commercial launch in 2018 on flexible tape and paper substrates. More information is available on the official website.