Month: July 2016

News and updates on developments at AB Open.

A Scanning Electron Microscope… for fun!

Back in April I mentioned that we’d been working on a number of fun projects and one of those involves an early 1980s vintage scanning electron microscope (SEM), which we don’t really have a use for, but sometimes when a bargain — it cost less than you’d pay for… Read More

GNU Tools Cauldron 2016

With GNU Tools Cauldron 2016 taking place on our doorstep it would be remiss of us to not lend our support. As such we are delighted to announce that we are sponsoring the annual developer conference for GCC, GDB, binutils and runtimes etc. This year Cauldron will run over… Read More

Wuthering Bytes & Open Source Hardware Camp 2016

We’ve been busy the past few (about 6!) months working on the organisation for this year’s Wuthering Bytes technology festival, which has grown in 2016 to run over the course of no less than 10 days. As in previous years we will have the Festival Day, a celebration of… Read More