With GNU Tools Cauldron 2016 taking place on our doorstep it would be remiss of us to not lend our support. As such we are delighted to announce that we are sponsoring the annual developer conference for GCC, GDB, binutils and runtimes etc.

This year Cauldron will run over the course of Friday 9th to Sunday 11th September and it is being hosted to coincide with the Wuthering Bytes technology festival, which will feature numerous events spanning open source hardware, software and data. The conference will also be preceded on Thursday 8th with the first ever LLVM Cauldron, which as the name suggests is styled after the GNU event, with a talks track, birds of a feather, tutorials and a keynote from Andy Wingo (Guile maintainer, plus V8 and SpiderMonkey committer).

It’s difficult to overemphasise the importance of the GNU toolchain, which underpins the development of applications and operating systems for everything from IoT devices and mobile phones, to the world’s largest Internet platforms and supercomputers. With the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) at its heart set to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2017, it is a real testament to open source and a fantastic exemplar for global collaboration.

Should you be interested in presenting at the GNU Tools Cauldron the deadline for proposals is 31st July. Following which sessions details will go up on the wiki. As with previous years you can expect this to be the same high quality mixture of birds of a feather (BoF), porting and R&D talks, from an international delegation of world class engineers and researchers, contributing to tools development and advancing the state of the art.

— Andrew