Month: February 2014

SiFive Freedom E310 processor

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Enamel Parallella and UmTRX Badges

We commissioned our friends at Black Dragon Badges to make Parallella and UmTRX badges in glorious metal and vitreous enamel, and the results can be seen above. The badges will be given as thank you to core project team members and… Read More

Open Cases for Parallella and UmTRX

I’m much happier when development boards are protected by some sort of basic enclosure. Even when they spend most of their time sitting on an anti-static mat on the workbench, with prolonged use there is still the worry that a cable may inadvertently get pulled and cause a board to… Read More

Energy-efficient Computing at FOSDEM 2014

Hosting a project stand and a developer room at the world’s biggest open source conference. Every year in February some 5,000+ open source advocates journey from across Europe and much farther afield to congregate in Brussels for a weekend of talks, workshops and discussion, and to meet friends old and… Read More