Earlier this year we shared details of some acrylic enclosures we had made and enamel badges we’d commissioned, suggesting that, if it appeared as though there would be sufficient demand, we would consider making these available to purchase.

After some encouraging comments we did just that and set up an online store, and over the last few months the Parallella Open Case and Cooling Kit has proved to be quite popular. As a result of which we’ve decided to add a number of new products and to relaunch what was previously simply “AB Open Shop” — admittedly not the most creative of names! — as Ground Electronics.

Why Ground Electronics? Well, we could make up some story about how everything returns to ground, or perhaps claim that we are very grounded. But, the simple truth of the matter is that the ground symbol is aesthetically pleasing and we think that’s a good enough reason.

So, the store can now be found at groundelectronics.com and for product related updates:

As ever, feedback and suggestions are welcome.

— Andrew