LibreCores launch newsletter for the free and open source silicon community, with news on everything from personal projects, through to research and industry developments.

The inaugural edition of the El Correo Libre newsletter was published today and features news items on Google Summer of Code 2018, TinyFPGA, the 4th generation myStorm iCE40 development board, Microchip move to acquire Microsemi, lowRISC release 0.5, RISC-V Workshop CFP, and two PULP platform major releases — amongst other notable developments.

FOSSi Foundation director Philipp Wagner explained how the newsletter “wants to be your guide and show you around in the world of free and open source digital hardware design. Which open source projects have released exciting new ‘IP’? What recent announcements paint an interesting vision? What events in industry will shape the ecosystem for the time to come?”Adding, “We invite you to join the tour. Be inspired by what happens in the world around you.”

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