On 22nd February Intel, OSHUG and BCS OSSG will host a 1-day workshop in London that provides an introduction to deploying deep neural networks with the Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick.

Open source frameworks such as Caffe and TensorFlow expedite the development of deep learning applications, and with the addition of the Myriad Vision Processing Unit (VPU) technology from Intel it becomes possible to move these to the edge and embed AI technology in low power devices.

The Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick (NCS) integrates the Myriad VPU into a compact USB 3.0 peripheral for use in prototyping, validating and deploying deep neural network (DNN) inference applications, with support for Ubuntu host development and deployment, plus deployment support for Raspberry Pi.

On 22nd February 2018 Intel in partnership with the Open Source Hardware User Group and BCS Open Source Specialist Group will host a 1-day workshop in central London, which will provide an introduction to deploying applications with the Intel Movidius NCS and open source frameworks. The event is free to attend and NCS hardware will be provided for use during the workshop.

For further details and to register please see the event page.