Month: March 2017

SiFive Freedom E310 processor

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Community Round-Up: ARM DynamIQ, GAP8, RISC-V Survey, BeagleBone Blue, Intel tinyTILE, Flow Batteries, Vint Cerf on Security, Employee IP Agreements, and an IoTUK Boost Extension

ARM, now under the ownership of Japanese technology giant Softbank, has announced a new microarchitecture for its next-generation processors, built with many-core and deep-learning projects firmly in mind: DynamIQ. “DynamIQ technology is a monumental shift in multicore microarchitecture for the industry and the foundation for future ARM Cortex-A processors. The… Read More
IoTUK Boost hardware

Community Round-Up: IoTUK Boost Deadline, RISC-V Workshop, Nvidia’s TX2, Microchip’s CEC1702, Cypress PSoC4 Hacked, DPS5005 Firmware, OpenScope Success, a Goodenough Battery, RF Modules, and Bunnie’s Book

Technology journalist Gareth Halfacree is running the AB Open Community Round-Up series, offering a fortnightly glimpse at what’s happening in and around open source hardware and software, wireless and related topics. Applications for the IoTUK Boost innovation programme, run in Calderdale by AB Open in partnership with IoTUK, RS… Read More