Embedded news site CNXSoft has highlighted an upcoming part from Jiangsu Qinheng Co., Ltd, also known as WinChipHead (WCH), which combines a RISC-V core running at 60MHz with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity.

Recently added to WCH’s parts list, the 32-bit microcontroller has been dubbed the CH572 – putting it into the same CH57x family as the company’s Arm Cortex-M0 microcontroller offerings – and is claimed to run at 60MHz. Full details haven’t yet been supplied by the company, but CNXSoft’s analysis of the available information found a part with 10KB of SRAM, 96KB of one-time programmable (OTP) flash memory, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, USB Host and USB Device support, an 11-channel 12-bit analogue to digital converter (ADC), three 26-bit timers, 11 pulse-width modulated (PWM) pins, two UARTs, one SPI, 23 GPIOs, real-time clock, and watchdog support, all running on a supply voltage of 3.3V or 2.5V and in a QFN28 package.

“CH572 is shown as being ‘在研,'” the site writes, “which I understand means ‘under development,’ so it’s unclear when it will become available. Nevertheless, WCH CH572 is quite interesting, as AFAIK it’s one of the first RISC-V MCUs from a ‘traditional’ silicon vendor that should be fairly easily procurable.”

Thus far, WCH has not detailed exactly which RISC-V implementation – whether off-the-shelf or developed in-house – it is using on the part, nor whether any customisations it has made will be released under a permissive licence or kept proprietary.

More information is available on the CNXSoft website.