The Trusted Computing Group, in partnership with Embedded Computing Design and OpenSystemsMedia, has launched a new website which aims to provide developers with the tools and resources to integrate trusted platforms for embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

The site, which is configured as a searchable blog, provides information on both open-source and proprietary trusted software stacks, developer tools, and advice and guidance on integrating trusted computing into designs. The Trusted Computing Group has also promised regular news updates, webcasts, and other contributions for readers.

“Trusted computing, supported by industry standards and specifications created by TCG, enables security of data and enterprise, IoT and embedded systems; secure authentication and strong protection of user identities; and strong machine identity and network integrity,” a Trusted Computing Group spokesperson explained of the rationale behind the site.

“TCG has extended its widely vetted and adopted trusted computing concepts and standards into embedded and IoT devices and has published a number of guidance, architecture and specification documents about the root of trust and how it can be used to protect data, devices and networks. Within the site, users can search for and locate open source and commercial trusted software stacks, developer tools, how-to guidance and other resources supporting the use of trusted computing.”

The new site, which does not require registration nor any industry membership, is live now at