RISC-V International, a non-profit which aims to further develop and promote the use of the free and open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture, has announced a giveaway: Members can apply now to receive a free RISC-V development board with up to 16GB of RAM.

“RISC-V is now being engineered into everything from soldering irons to supercomputers,” writes RISC-V International chief technology officer Mark Himelstein. “One step along the way is facilitating the availability of development boards for testing and development. We are inviting RISC-V members to sign up for a RISC-V developer board sponsored by RISC-V and our RISC-V contributing members. We have boards available and we want you to have one!

“What do we want you to do with the boards? Everything! Develop software, learn RISC-V, run tests, port software, look for ways we can improve, contribute – this is your opportunity to get your hands on RISC-V and engage in the RISC-V ecosystem!”

The boards are available, Himelstein explains, with 1GB, 2GB, 8GB, or 16GB of RAM, paired to RISC-V processors of unspecified implementation. Those applying to receive a free board will be asked about their planned use cases and expected memory requirements, then paired with a suitable board – all free of charge.

The offer is valid for RISC-V International members only, but there’s good news on that front too: Individual membership is free at the “Community” level, and there’s no restriction on new members signing up for the development board giveaway. The only requirement: “We will be looking for your feedback,” says Himelstein. “We’d also love to showcase your innovations, successes, and stories. Let us know so we can amplify on social media or perhaps a blog.”

Interested parties can sign up for a board using the application form; those who are not yet a RISC-V International member should complete a membership request on the official website first.