The RISC-V Foundation, the driving force behind the eponymous open processor architecture, has announced the formation of a security standing committee – and is asking for cooperation from the broader industry.

“As the number of connected devices grows exponentially and new security vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre emerge, it’s become increasingly important to develop more robust security approaches. The RISC-V community has the historic opportunity to leverage a new platform for security innovation, leveraging the latest knowledge and contributions from leading industry and academic experts that comprise the expansive RISC-V ecosystem,” explains Rick O’Connor, executive director of the non-profit RISC-V Foundation, of his organisations decision to launch the committee.

“The RISC-V Foundation’s Security Standing Committee is a declaration and call to action for industry leaders, universities and government organizations to join the Foundation and work with us to build a more secure world for the benefit of everyone.”

“Security is one of the fundamental issues in our connected world. The RISC-V community is committed to pushing the industry forward through innovative approaches and new thinking to address existing and emerging threats,” adds Dr. Helena Handschuh, chair of the RISC-V Foundation Security Standing Committee and fellow at Rambus. “Through open standard collaboration, the Security Standing Committee is fostering the growth of the RISC-V ISA to ensure it meets and exceeds the dynamic security demands of this new era of innovation.”

More information on the RISC-V Security Standing Committee is available on the official website.