Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) expert Lattice Semiconductor has embraced the ethos of the open hardware community, creating a portal which lists what the company describes as “community sourced” open hardware development boards and reference designs.

“In addition to proprietary boards developed by Lattice and other partners there is a broad array of boards developed by the open source community,” Lattice notes on its freshly-launched portal. “In some cases just the designs are available and in other cases there are sources available for purchasing assembled boards.

“For your convenience we list some of the more popular and interesting Community Sourced boards on the Lattice website. Lattice does not evaluate or certify community sourced boards so you will want to make your own assessment as to fitness for your application.”

The initial list of boards, all naturally built around Lattice FPGAs, is split into two. The first half showcases development kits and boards, uncluding the recently-launched ECP5-based OrangeCrab, the popular TinyFPGA Bx, iCEBreaker, Fomu, and Alhambra II. The second half looks at reference designs, including an ECP5 board from Matthew Venn, the myStorm BlackIce-II, Dadamachines Doppler, and the unusual earring form-factor iCE Bling from Electronut Labs.

Each board in the list receives a dedicated showcase page which highlights key features, provides imagery, and links out to external homepages, source code and design file repositories, and provides links to where finished boards can be purchased for immediate use.

The full list of boards and reference designs can be found on the Lattice Semiconductor website; the company has also indicated that it is accepting suggestions for other boards not currently included via a contact form.