Olof Kindgren has announced the release of FuseSoC 1.9.1, and it brings with it improved documentation produced using the Sphinx Python Documentation Generator.

Having a useful end product should be the primary goal of all open-source projects, but it shouldn’t be viewed as the only goal: no matter how useful a tool may be, if it’s not usable it may as well not exist. Documentation is key to accessibility, and all-too-often overlooked – which is why Olof’s work to improve the documentation of FuseSoC, the package manager and build tool collection for hardware description language (HDL) projects, is to be lauded.

“Following the good example of other FOSSi [Free and Open Source Silicon] devs, I’m taking the opportunity today to release version 1.9.1 of FuseSoC,” Olof writes on his Twitter account. “A ‘position’ argument to generators and Sphinx docs would be the noteworthy changes this time.”

The new documentation, generated using the Sphinx documentation utility, is available now on Read the Docs. FuseSoC 1.9.1 itself can be installed or updated using the ‘pip’ package management tool: “pip install fusesoc”.