, a start-up emerging from a two-year stealth period, has announced the release of what it claims to be “the world’s first commercially available, continuously updated Linux and Zephyr real-time operating system (RTOS) microPlatform distributions for the embedded, IoT, edge and automotive markets.”

“Over the past two years we have used open source software to build a unifying, open, secure, continuously updated product platform for the fragmented IoT and embedded markets,” explains George Grey, chief executive, of his company’s offering. “We started to fundamentally change the industry. Today’s connected devices require modern software and secure update techniques. Rather than legacy software builds being maintained for product lifetimes that can reach 10 years or more, the microPlatforms are built from the ground up to enable product manufacturers to always and immediately deploy the latest security updates, bug fixes and new features to their customers, ensuring the safety of the Internet of Things and the security of data throughout the network.”

“ has been the leader in making Zephyr available as a continuously updated microPlatform distribution,” said Kate Stewart, Senior Director of Strategic Programs at the Linux Foundation. “In the embedded and IoT markets, being able to deploy security fixes efficiently and effectively is key, and the Zephyr ecosystem is much stronger with this capability available and commercially supported.” has confirmed initial support for Arm, x86, and RISC-V processor architectures, including the new SiFive Unleashed development board. More information, including source code and binaries for both the Linux and Zephyr microPlatform distributions, can be found on the official website.