Dangerous Prototypes’ DirtyPCBs, a popular service for low-cost production of printed circuit boards, is expanding its custom cable offering and making it a dedicated website – called, unsurprisingly, DirtyCables.

Originally based on a simple script designed to consolidate internal PCB orders for submission to low-cost manufacturers in China, DirtyPCBs quickly became one of the most popular services for PCB production among low-volume and cost-sensitive customers building prototypes. Since launching with an exclusive focus on printed circuits, the site has been slowly branching out into stencil production, SLA 3D printing, bill of materials (BOM) fulfilment, and custom cable design and production.

It’s the latter that is now the focus of a major upgrade, receiving a new user interface and its own dedicated website. “This is a from-scratch rewrite of the editor at DirtyPCBs with new features based on your requests,” explains Dangerous Prototypes’ Ian Lesnet. “[Including] isometric connector drawings with pin numbers save a trip to the datasheet; improved connector selector with room for additional info; one to many ‘Y’ connections; same connector ‘U’ connections; bigger, cleaner interface.”

The new editor is available in preview mode on the dedicated website, but at present can’t be used for cable orders; those looking to actual buy a custom cable are advised to use the old editor on DirtyPCBs.