AB Open is proud to announce its membership of OpenHW Group, a not-for-profit organisation founded to provide an infrastructure for open hardware development with a focus on free and open source silicon, tools, and related software.

Founded in June 2019, OpenHW Group aims to encourage adoption of free and open source silicon technologies — including, but not limited to, core intellectual property (IP) provided under permissive licensing — by acting as a focal point for ecosystem development. Counting major industry pioneers among its members, the OpenHW Group ecosystem has grown to over 45 members and partners since its launch last year, and now counts AB Open among them.

“As a company specialising in community building and with a particular focus on open source hardware, AB Open is thrilled to join OpenHW Group — an organisation which at its core shares our ethos of collaboration and freedom to innovate,” says AB Open Managing Director, Andrew Back. “As an OpenHW Group member company we look forward to contributing to the development of an open hardware ecosystem, the fruits of which a great many will stand to benefit from.”

“The team at AB Open has many years of experience contributing to and building open, collaborative hardware based ecosytems,” says OpenHW Group President & CEO, Rick O’Connor. “We are thrilled to welcome AB Open into the OpenHW Group community and we are particularly excited as we anticipate the contributions that AB Open will make.”

As a member, AB Open will be participating in working groups and collaborative projects, working together with other OpenHW Group members, towards the shared vision of an ecosystem that will bring many of the same benefits seen with open source software to the semiconductor industry.

More information on OpenHW Group can be found on the official website.