OSDDI: lowRISC, Alex Bradbury

lowRISC is a fantastic initiative to build a fully open source, Linux-capable, 64-bit RISC-V based system-on-chip. Not only this, but a SoC design with additional interesting features such as programmable I/O — think along the lines of XMOS devices — and tagged memory.

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OSDDI: OpenRISC, Olof Kindgren

The OpenRISC processor has been around for a good number of years and it has found use in a NASA satellite and Samsung digital televisions, to name just two applications. In this instalment of Open Source Digital Design Insights, long time OpenRISC contributor and open source developer, Olof Kindgren, provides an introduction to the project,…

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OSDDI: SHAKTI Processor, IIT Madras

This latest instalment of Open Source Digital Design Insights is once again from interviews filmed back at ORConf 2015 in Geneva, and this time on the RISC-V based SHAKTI processor from IIT Madras. A project that aims to build 6 processor variants that range from microcontroller up to HPC class silicon, with processor interconnect and…

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