Calderdale's LoRaWAN Gateway

CRU: LoRaWAN fun, RISC-V education, FPGAs, and more

AB Open’s Andrew Back has written of our work on a LoRaWAN gateway for the region, installed on an iconic 275-feet tall landmark with intermittent power. Part of AB Open’s participation in the IoTUK Boost programme, the installation is designed to provide connectivity to The Things Network’s long-range radio wide-area network (LoRaWAN) as Things Calderdale….

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SiFive RISC-V processor

CRU: RISC-V Toolchains, Tiny PCBs, 6502-as-a-Service, and More

Developer Liviu Ionescu has published the results of RISC-V toolchain testing, comparing the GNU MCU Eclipse toolchain to the GCC-based toolchain from SiFive across four configurations. “After releasing GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Embedded GCC, I tested if the strategy used while building it is effective,” Liviu explains of his experiments, which saw the SiFive example…

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